Mel Gibson


2 Responses to Mel Gibson

  1. Ryanne says:

    I’m not sure what he hoped to prove. Maybe that there was a tiny bit of Martin Riggs somewhere in the real Mel. Maybe that they did not intimidate him and they would be better off bothering others
    say Jessica Alba or even the much paparazzi beleaguered Kristen Stewart. Whatever he proved to himself it seemed to be to his satisfaction. And it must be said not many walk away from a paparazzi with anything approaching that emotion. Does that make Mel crazy or just sane enough to be done with the dumb shit which is the meter these guys depend on people to have a tolerance for. Whatever his motives, may I just say for the first time in a long time, my hat is off to you Mel
    Gibson. And if I had been in your presence at the time I would have given you a pplause and a bow.

    • facets says:

      @ryanne…I think that I can happily second your comment. I miss the old Mel. What happened man? You found religion but lost yourself? That’s not how it’s suppose to work
      is it? Anyway you done good that day. Had I been there I would have also applauded.

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