Halle Berry


One Response to Halle Berry

  1. Iris says:

    I remember seeing this video back in May 2009. It upset me so much. Halle Berry was just having lunch with Nahla. They had no idea what was waiting for them outside the restaurant. Halle went into mama bear mode when the camera flashes started scaring her baby girl. She defended her against the paps who wouldn’t even let her get to her car. She had every right to be angry with them. Poor Nahla was just thirteen months old at the time. The paps didn’t care if they were scaring her. They treated her like she was a trophy simply because she was the daughter of a world famous actress. It’s amazing how Halle was able to keep her cool, though I could tell she was getting angry. She didn’t want to react because that’s exactly what the paps wanted. They wanted to display her as an aggressive woman when she isn’t at all. I’m proud of her for staying in control, yet I won’t be surprised if she lashes out at the paps for scaring Nahla next time.

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