Our Petition

We, the undersigned, support THE PLAN.

THE PLAN strives to bring truth to all forms of journalism by calling on media outlets in all categories to be accountable for statements made by unverified sources. We also call on said media outlets to cease their payments for photos provided by paparazzi and by “fans” when said photo is taken of someone who is obviously not aware of or does not desire to be the focus of the photo.  By paying for these photos you have created a situation that is no longer safe for the celebrity, the paparazzi or the people who happen to be around at the time the photograph is being taken.   It is our belief that such photos are an invasion of privacy and the person or persons that are the subject of such photos should be protected by the law.  As a result, we will use all methods of communication available to effectively communicate how tabloid journalism lures in consumers with unverified, sensational and salacious headlines for money.  Additionally, we will work toward changing the laws as they now stand to protect the people affected by material reported by media outlets.

We wish to see the following changes in your policies

  1.  Your site must cease the practice of paying for photographs—whether they are taken by self-proclaimed journalists, paparazzi, or fans.
  2. Your site must cease to publish stories that have unsubstantiated claims and or unnamed sources.
  3. Your site must cease the practice of  printing stories that encourage anger and hate

Until such time as we see significant changes in your practices, we will cease to visit your site and will boycott products of all advertisers that sponsor your site.  


The results of this petition will be sent to / but will not necessarily be limited to the following gossip sites tabloid magazines, and gossip media outlets:

Access Hollywood
American Media
Beauty World News
Celebrity Dirty Laundry
Celebrity Gossip
Celebrity Teen Scoop
Cosmopolitan (blog)
Crazy Joys
Daily News & Analysis
Digital Spy
E! Online
Emirates 24/7
Entertainment Tonight
Fox News
Gather Celebs News Channel
Gossip Cop
Gossip Criminal
Hello Magazine
Hindustan Times
Hollywood Life
Hollywood TV
In Touch
India Today
International Business Times AU
Just Jared
National Enquirer
Now Magazine
OK Magazine
OMG at Yahoo
Opposing Views
Perez Hilton
Pink is the new Blog
Pop Sugar
Radar Online
Splash News
Star Magazine
That Gossip Site
The Daily Express
The Daily Mail
The Daily Star
The Dirty
The Globe
The Hollywood Gossip
The Hot Hits
The Stir
The Sun
The Superficial
Time Warner
Us Magazine
US Weekly
Wenner Publishing

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