Christopher Dark in Reply

You know it’s sad, crazy, and just plain sick. But the truth of the matter is this: Even if that law passed,and they did tell the truth about  the stories being fiction, tabloids would still sell. Those who support both Rob and Kristen (Seventy-five % ) know and tell each other on site that it’s lies. And yet the same ones are back day after day. Can you imagine what a few long released professional photos would add to such a plan. Hollywood Life has always been more a fanfic than a reporting magazine anyway. So your solution wouldn’t hurt them at all. As a matter of fact it would probabaly draw a whole pool of writers just like Justice for Kristen has but because tabloids are run by people like Bonnie Fuller the lies will be sharper, uglier. We’re not talking hearts and flowers here. And once freed from even the shadow of the outline of truth, things could get nasty. But they would be safe under that umbrella of “It’s only fiction.” She can’t print squat about me that isn’t truth, Rob and Kristen are entitled to the same rights and privileges that I enjoy. And I’m sorry maybe it’s unreasonable of me but I  want payback and apologies both to Kristen and Rob and their whole reading public (which I am well aware
won’t happen.) But if they are made to adhere strictly to truth there’ll be less of the dumb sh*t and she’ll have to hire better writers to compete.
Now that I can live with, and nothing less.
In your article I kept waiting for you to draw parallels between a true
photojournalist and a paparazzi. Since you did not, madam may I be allowed that pleasure? Comparing a photojournalist to a paparazzi is like comparing the men who guard the president to paid hitmen. Photographic journalists works to peserve with honor and integrity. The Paparazzi cameraman just wants a quick payday. The rougher he can go in and get out the better. And he delights in drawing blood. Despite, or perhaps because of this lack of scruples they are in demand with every publication in America, right up to and sometimes including the news papaers. They put honest photojournalists out of work.  Like scabs compared to union workers at a factory they’ll work for less and do anything, ANYTHING, to get the shot.


2 Responses to Christopher Dark in Reply

  1. Velma Jean Holmes says:

    Christopher Dark, I have read your summation of my article. You are, of course. correct. I would not want stories printed of me even under the label of fiction. But this gossip that they print as if it were truth is very upsetting to the young. I am reminded of one young fan who got so lost that she no longer knew what to believe. For the longest time she stuck to the examiner a publication which by it’s name would seem to be after the truth. Finally she stopped trusting what she read, (this was around the time of the mystery blonde in New York) and just began asking the other writers to tell her what we thought. Were they broken up or not. There us older writers were, invested mostly in the truth and anger at the mob mentality over Kristen. But to this young one the
    very thought of them apart was unendurable. The internet is so much a part of life now and children learn so young how to navigate this maze long before they learn how to tell truth from lies which often has much, much older people stumped. But I stand corrected. And should have admitted so before now.
    If we can’t have truth in reporting then there is no news fit to print.

    • Nick Dial says:

      I like this web site and give it a look evert few days. I like games the kind you unwrap and
      install not this garbage these tabloids are sending our way. I like Velma’s last sentence.
      Regardless of girls crying, that one line is still true.
      Without the truth it’s just someone’s story. Limitless stories in a thousand variations and all
      lies. What’s the fun in that? What’s the point outside of some tabloids profits that is. Its all crap and not worth my time of day.

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