Velma Holmes 2

I just finished Misfit Chick’s Twilight Blog spot. She makes a few very pertinent points; but she misses the central core of this mess completely. She’s busy being angry on the fan’s behalf at Stephenie Meyer for the obsessive quality of Twilight if, that is, you find it obsessive.

I wonder if she has ever considered whether the same phenominal reaction would have occurred with the films and the fandom had Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Green gotten the parts of Edward Cullen and Bella Swann instead of Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I’m guessing not as she never mentions it.

That is however the whole point. Because as she says it’s not just the characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swann that became the focus of Twilight obsession. It was Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Rob because of his undeniable good looks and charm and incredible ability to inhabit that part. And Kristen because of her ability to slide seamlessly into Bella Swann. These two actors didn’t just act these parts. They made them come alive.

Add their real life relationship and this fascination has moved to the tenth power. Add all of the Comic Cons and Red Carpet appearances and their helpless fascination with each other before both young and old envious female eyes and we have reached critical mass. Other storylines, other actors, the paparazzi and the fans, the internal tension and strain of separate lives and long times spent apart : and an explosion of major proportions was a guarantee.

As for the mania that surrounds Rob: I’m not sure I get that. Rob has incredible charisma and charm; but I don’t get this fixation older women have developed for him. Our hometown is four miles away. Despite all the time I’ve spent defending Rob and Kristen I would not go to town to see them if they ever came here. Why? Because I like them on that movie screen. They would not seem real to me in any part once I had met them in real life, and that goes for any actor I might have the chance to meet. I like my real life and the fantasy world of the movies that I love fimly and permaently devided.

So why do I go to all of this trouble, writing a little something each day, either in their defense or to try to stop the paparazzi/tabloid press with new laws, and changes in the access they now have to celebrity lives? Because I saw how they were stoning Kristen. If hateful words and vile innuendo were stones then Kristen has been being stoned for seven months with the tabloids not only causing it but cheering it on. I would try to save a stray dog from punishment like that much less a human being who has provided me with hours of happiness with my family since she was age twelve.

Kristen Stewart’s life is none of my business. It’s not my business to be her judge or mediator. Or to cast blame either on her, Stephenie Meyer or the Twilight franchise which is over. History. If people are still hooked into that world then in the words of a great Eagles song, “Get over it.”

Busy hating? Go make an American quilt or play some basketball. Kristen won’t be near as important nor Rob so wonderful when the game is tied with only seconds ’til the buzzer and you are sweating like crazy trying to make your basket.

You’ll love them until you die? Good. Get busy signing petitions and
actively advocating paparazzi/tabloid reform. Write your Congressman. Go to You will get some ideas on how to proceed from there. Educate yourself on the many abuses of the paparazzi including the death of England’s Princess Diana.You want these jokers doing all they can to wreck the next mega star’s future just because they can?

You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem. Hanging around Hollywood Life and the like is not helping. It’s hurting. Rob and Kristen are fine. Otherwise they would be dating other people. And they aren’t. If you miss them go watch the many support videos made after August. Their interviews.

If you like rerun tabloid lies more than great music set with their movie clips and photo shoots then you are not a fan but a ghoul feeding off them the same as the tabloids do. And you know I think
they deserve better than that.


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