Velma Holmes

I am writing a letter to Sean Penn asking for his help since he has had troubles with the paparazzi in the past. When I mentioned this to a friend, she said that she would like to help but had no idea how to do that; and that frankly she was intimidated at the very idea. It occurred to me that many people lose skills they once knew, while many another never learned how to write a formal letter. As I’m assuming that you have a busy job and are already doing so much I have included a copy of my letter to use or not as you see fit. I am assuming his manager and agent see everything before he does. So I’ll send the letter to both addresses. Sean Penn’s manager’s address
Brian Gersh
Blue Train Entertainment
798 Brooktree Road
Pacific Palasades, CA 09027

Sean Penn’s Agent
Bryan Lourd
Creative Artists Agency
2000 Avenue Of The Stars
Los Angeles, CA.90067

Dear Sean Penn

I have been watching your movies for years. My favorites include Mystic River. Your portrayal as a man of compassion, rage and deep regret was memorable. I also liked At Close Range and of course I Am Sam.

I am writing you regarding a matter that is gaining more support every day, and that is the rabid response of the paparazzi to celebrities. The sight of Kate Moss running with her young child from so many of them horrified me. When she was brought to her knees to shield her baby from all of those camera flashes , I got angry.

Those men were treating her and her child like tourists might treat a
gazelle at a zoo. I say might because there’s no way a picture of a gazelle will bring them hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars. Airport security finally got there to help, but some still didn’t want to leave an obviously distressed woman and child alone, and kept snapping photos until they were made to leave.

I use to watch you on the news, Mr. Penn, yelling at the paparazzi and I didn’t understand. I understand better now. I hope that you will consider adding your voice and the voices of your many fans to ours. I hope you will ask them to consider joining Justice for Kristen or any group who is actively working for some paparazzi reform.

I am hopeful that the Twilight fan base is large enough to get something done but we need help. If other celebrities and their fan bases joined us and worked in concert with us we could do this.The first step should be to to get the United States to adopt England’s
restrictions of No Red Carpet / No Paparazzi. This would eliminate
scenes like Kate Moss trouble, Sandra Bullock’s car being swamped with everyone right down to those with hand held camera phones ;and the mobbing of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
at the LAX arrival gate complete with ugly provoking questions.

The progress made when 20/20
reported that People Magazine would no longer use photos of children without the parent’s consent is a drop in the ocean. Because the same agreement was not obtained from the world’s other tabloids. So the paparazzi will still stalk schools. That situation could be remedied so easily. If the nations schools took the hard edged stance that any person on school grounds whose child is not enrolled there should be considered a possible kidnapper, or pedophile and police involvement would be the consequence if they came onto school grounds for any reason other than to pick up their child.

We should remember that that t he First Amendment guarantees
Americans freedom of religion,speech, press and petition. It is that last right that we need to use. Petition for change and give a lot of people back their peace of mind and freedom of movement without let or hindrance. If the paparazzi, tabloids, and press scream, remind them that photographs are not protected under The First Amendment.

Sir, if the Paparazzi are ever going to be reigned in, now is the time. The Twilight fan base which is large started with teens. Now many older people are getting involved. In the words of a friend, “If we think that it can’t be done, we’ve lost the fight before we start. Petitions helped give women the right to vote and they helped stop the Vietnam War. Petitions are heard when people demand change.” Please join the fight. Become a spokesperson and ask your fans to consider getting involved. Tell them they can find us at Justice for Kristen. Under Top Posts and Pages click on THE PLAN and let’s make a change together.

Sir, I thank you for your valuable time and your kind consideration.



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