Have you ever noticed how much nicer photo shoot photos are compared to paparazzi photos? Paparazzi are equipped with some serious looking
cameras, so why? Then I realized in the first instance both the actors and photographer are in agreement.They are giving him their time. He is
giving them his expertise. Whereas with the paparazzi he is stealing their photo, ruining their evening, and often trying to provoke an angry response. After the stolen pictures of Rob and Kristen around her pool and on the porch with the dogs, I realized I was stealing too. Because if there was no market ( which we fans create ) FOR those photos then there would be no stolen photos at least not on a commercial scale.
I no longer find joy in those rushed and stolen moments of the star’s lives. I always knew the paparazzi were an ugly frustrating problem. It took Rob and Kristen’s out and out invasion of privacy by the paparazzi for me to see that I was the root of the problem. It made me feel slightly dirty. But slightly dirty is still dirty. I stopped buying tabloid magazines. I’ve stopped following online tabloids (funny how that rhymes with typhoid)
Polaroid,tabloid, typhoid yeah, that’s a plague.


2 Responses to Hannah

  1. Christopher Dark says:

    I like the clarity of thought. I like the dedeication to change and I like the humor. I agree the paparazzi are a plague and the actors and actresses fans are the cure. Stop feeding them. Don’t tweet, blog, or in anyway use paparazzi photos. Use a quality studio or professional photo shoot
    picture. We have to start somewhere. Why not all of these emails? It will at least let them know a new wind is blowing and the direction it’s blowing in.

    • Jean Worley says:

      We are the ultimate target market for every photo ever shot, If we could everyone get that through our head and stop being that market not just on Tab Free Friday, but everyday then we’d be putting both the tabloids and the paparazzi out of business long enough that it would make our displeasure known. Faced with going out of business they would get the message and stop reporting sourceless and unconfirmed speculation and lies and using photos that men one step up from pigs brought them. They wouldn’t take such men’s word on it’s source or provenance.
      Paparazzi would get the message, act professional or face losing the job profession they have chosen. When they see money and jobs going to professional acting well mannered
      photographers they’ll clean up their act. Be nice to famous people instead of their maids
      and hotel and restauraunt valets.
      All of this we can do, even before any legislation or bills before Congress. Will you really wait until a beloved star is injured or worse before you are moved to act? So many paparazzi follow Kristen Stewart and so many people are angry with her. What if it isn;t her who is the one hurt but perhaps young Taylor Lautner trying to protect his friend, Did you see the careful look on this young man’s face? He saw the nearness to mob mentality
      and viollence, and took it very seriously.
      If you like HANNAH don’t like seeing your stars filmed this way, Then less do something about it. Stop buying the magazines. Stop clicking on the sites and spending long minutes arguing with outrageous claims. Stop making tabloids money by virtue of air time that they can sell a prospective client. Give the companies that support tabloids the most less of your patronage,
      This is not a lark or a one day participation that fixes all. This is serious business, with the intent of making tabloids and paparazzi reform themselves. It’s as serious as a heart attack or a woman dying in a tunnel while paparazzi took photos of the death that they had caused in chasing Princess Diana there. Can you imagine the callousness of photos taken under such circumstances? I can’t. But of course I’m not part of that brethren, loosely termed the press who live by the creed, ” If it bleeds, it leads.”

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