Our Role in Paparazzi Business or How the Kristen Stewart Case Changed My Opinion About Paparazzi

Have you ever thought what do make paparazzi pictures valuable enough for selling? What do we expect to see on celebrity pictures made by paparazzi that we can’t see in  pictures taken by friends & family or from official promotions & events?

People like celebrity’s pictures taken by paparazzi because 1) these photos show celebrities in ordinary, everyday actions, like ordinary people make or 2) to provide us with proof on something that we don’t know or we are not sure.

I must admit you something: Two years ago I enjoyed in some photos of one middle-age actress that had showed her in very embarrassing situation. My opinion about that actress has been (still) totally negative and it was very amusing see how she looked clumsy and gawky on paparazzi pictures, contrary to photoshopped pictures of her from magazines.

Considering case of Kristen Stewart (and Robert Pattinson), goal of paparazzi is to provide magazines’ customers with strictly private information that are none business nor anyone should care about it. Continuous public interest for more pictures and more information (true or false, doesn’t matter), make Kristen and Robert catch. In this hunting, paparazzi showed no mercy and no feelings and act beyond ethical, moral and cultural limits.

Taking into consideration our role in highly valuing of pictures made by paparazzi, everyone should consider own responsibility for this situation and further do what is on us to stop it.

Don’t request pictures of Robert and Kristen, don’t ask them on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Don’t exchange them between each other! Don’t open sites with these pictures! If nobody requests them, magazines won’t have reason to put them and paparazzi won’t be able to sell it. If they can’t to sell it, they won’t produce it!


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