Im sure I will get alot of bashing after this, especially on Twitter. I feel very sad about how things are going with this side of the fandom (I really dont like that word. Here is how I see it: We have 2 sides: 1.people who hate R&K and 2. people who do not hate. But in #2 it is further divided into A. people who think she did not cheat at all and B. people who think she did cheat but all is forgiven.
So we have one group of haters we will call them, who are united in their hate and have one agenda to get them apart. And we have 2 sides of non haters we will call them not working together at all, with some wanting to prove her innocence and the other side that wants to just let it go. So you see who is winning, who is continuing their hate at every opportunity. The send tweets to actors, their SO, producers and directors of K’s movie, bash her on every site possible, even the SL board that is supposed to be hate free, who have only one job to do whether they hate R or K or both, and that job is hate, and sad to say they are doing a good job. We will never be able to accomplish anything if we dont work together! Now even if you want to just let things go and forget how can you think it is ok to let K continue to be bashed in the media? Isnt this one way we can work together? This idea doesnt care if she cheated or didnt cheat! She nor anyone else deserves this hatred, vile, insulting, vulgar treatment. Cant we work together on THIS one problem and get the media and paparazzi to stop harassing every celebrity? I am not asking anyone’s opinion on the cheating topic, its not about that, its about doing something that is right to try and correct a very big wrong! I think if WE all work together on this we could have a big impact on the media, we do have many more supports of R&K then the hater group has of haters!!!! I know that some dont like the justiceforkristen site and thats your choice, so The Plan has a new place so you dont need to go to the JfK site. Here is the new site, it has nothing to do with justiceforkristen BUT has to so with JUSTICE FOR ALL PEOPLE HOUNDED BY THE HORRIBLE PAPARAZZI. Please lets put our own feelings aside and do this to stop the media, stop people from believing that what the media says is the truth and help get Journalism back to “reporting the news not making the news” and telling the truth.


One Response to Nena

  1. lillicat1 says:

    Nena: you have spoken your heart, and I am happy that you have written this. You and I and countless others spent a lot of time and energy last summer trying to stand up for Kristen amidst the public stoning she was receiving over a handful of photos (some obviously digitally manipulated). The media threw down the gauntlet , and the fair weather fans and haters were all too willing to pick it up and run. We could see the possibilities that our own daughters and grand daughters might receive this kind of heartless treatment should they ever commit a perceived sin in the eyes of their classmates, friends, and associates. None of us know what actually happened; except Kris and Rob managed to get through it setting an example that we all can aspire to regardless of our ages. It doesn’t even matter anymore, because the important issue now is to keep the tabloids from manulipating the fans (and public) into starting a war against a human being for perceived crimes. I love them both, and their work. There is nothing anyone could ever say about either Rob or Kristen that would change my mind about how I feel. They are owed all the privacy they want after what they have both been through.

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