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I have read the Justice for Kristen website from start to finish. The work Twilighter57 has done is based on provable facts. If you are not sure or if you believe this story, you probably haven’t read anything but the gossip sites. I don’t believe any rational person can dispute the evidence that is offered in The Grand Punk Series.
My eyes have been opened to the reality of what we read on the Internet or in the Tabloid Magazines. The time has come to expose these “so called” journalist. This one story was created by an article that was factually inaccurate and pictures that were photoshopped. This was not an accident. There is no way the editors could have overlooked the problems with the pictures and the explanation that came with them unless they didn’t want to know or didn’t care. How many other stories have we read that were false? I don’t know if there is one story that has been true since this “so called scandal.”
As a result Kristen Stewart has been bullied, vilified, harassed, been called horrible names, had death threats made against her, etc.
I have quit going to any website including Gossip Cop and EOnline. I have never bought tabloid magazines, but I have quit buying the one I thought was credible, People. I will not go to any gossip site or buy any magazine until changes are made.
Kristen Stewart deserves a public apology for the treatment she has received based on this false story. Gossip sites need to quit writing stories unless they have a credible source that they can name. More importantly the paparazzi need to be contained. New laws need to be passed. No one deserves to be harassed, followed, degraded, pushed around, and have their life risked for a picture they can sell that will go along with any story they chose to print. This is also a violation to the mental and physical well being of Kristen Stewart and anyone that is with her.
The only way changes will happen is if we boycott all of the gossip sites and magazines that participate in buying pictures from the paparazzi and write false stories.
Any fan of Kristen Stewart and or Robert Pattinson need to take a good look at this situation and be a true fan. Respect their privacy and stand up for what is right. If you want to know about a celebrity, don’t you want to know the truth? Reading a story just to read about them is not being a fan. Defending them in the comment section is only giving money to the people who are responsible for this disgrace in journalism. If you can even call it that! Defending them to haters is only fueling the fire.
Please think twice before you click on the next story you see. Think even harder before you spend your hard earned money on a gossip magazine. This problem has to start from us as a fan of any actor! The time will come when we read another tragedy caused by the paparazzi. Princess Diana’s death didn’t stop it. Who is going to be next? We the public have the power to stop this if we support the actor we admire not the people writing stories about them the sole purpose of making money, not telling the truth!


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  1. Velma Jean Holmes says:

    Bravo, Jennie. The time for this bullying via the internet is over. People are finally taking the threat the paparazzi represent seriously. What most choose to forget is we would have no paparazzi problem if yellow journalism tabloids didn’t exist to employ them.

    I see more and more young people being turned off by the lies they write. From me to Christopher Dark to HANNAH to Misty to Nick Dial to you and Nena. That’s people from my age to teens being turned off by their lies.

    Now people of all ages are being awakened to the inequities in our own US Constitution. I have a feeling the next generation of press may come to hate the summer of 2012 and the Robsten scandal. And that possibiliby long after Kristen Stewart is an old woman she will be remembered not for those five beautiful teen movies but for bringing the lies in American jornalism to light.

    I have a feeling as bad as she dislikes the paparazzi/tabloid press she would consider that a greater honor than any ever given her for her acting ability. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if the woman the tabloids loved to hate was instrumental in bringing about truth in journalism again.

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