I’m not a good writer nor good at expressing myself. I usually just state the bald truth and bald doesn’t look good on that many people. OK here goes. The paparazzi are not a profession. It’s new age vagrancy and garbage picking. They stand outside places that cater to the stars
and when they come out the paparazzi beg for the favor of a smile to feed their camera. They pick through the details of a stars life as if it was garbage looking for new ways to get more. Professionals make something. They have something to give. Paps just take. And they never are satisfied. They’re unruly beggars yelling MORE,MORE, MORE. Your average skid row bum is a gentleman of courtesy and manners compared to the paparazzi. They they could stand over a woman as she was dying snapping photos proved that beyond
doubt. (See I am educating myself about the paps and I started with
Princess Diana.) What they offer us are second rate photos, car chases
and accidents and lies. That old saying a picture is worth a thousand words isn’t true of a paparazzi photo. All you’ll ever see is a frowning
celebrity, head down eyes averted and moving quickly to get out of their path as if they were poisonous snakes. I’m like Hannah in this. I do not want to see my favorite stars this way.


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