Christopher Dark

On THE PLAN….I like this very well. I want them to be so bombarded that they won’t know what hit them or what’s coming next. This action should have been taken years ago.
It’s odd because of her treatment at their hands and their over zealous persecution Kristen has became the banner her army of fans march under trying to defeat the paparazzi / tabloid press. Criticize her if you must but you’ve got to admit she’s as inspiring as a cross between a queen of legend and my favorite World War 2 Soldier, General George Patton.
Thank you Kristen for turning on this machine. Let’s hope that Sean Penn
that devout paparazzi foe of a few years ago is turning his own machine on. Fandoms unite, They may try this with someone else next year. Sign petitions, mail letters to your favorite stars (sorry emails are unaccepted by many) Talk to your schools, your teachers about abuse of the press,if you are old enough write your Congressman and Senators. Many of them do accept emails.
Educate yourself on the abuses of the paparazzi in the past thirty years. Start with Princess Diana and go on from there. You are a sleeping giant, Wake up!! There is a job that needs doing and most of it you can do with
a computer. The rest with envelopes, stamps and a mail box.
Get involved. Who knows, maybe you or one of your children may be a star someday. Do you think a paparazzi should have the right to stick to you like a piece of gum on your shoe? Just because you are famous? It’s time things changed. You are the next generation, that change is up to you,


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