Christopher Dark

More and more are leaving the gossip sites to join us here. But it is not enough yet to affect real change and put a stop to the privilege the paparazzi now have to invade people’s lives. How long are the Hollywood elite going to wait before helping to reign in these people? With a camera they literally have a license to stalk, harry, and provoke celebrities who just want to go about their business. In the past Sean Penn had his troubles with the paparazzi.. I hope that he and other actors who have had their run ins with them and the tabloids will ask their fan clubs to consider joining us. We are in a fight to reign in many advantages the paparazzi now possess. We need help. Join our cause, Justice for Kristen,
Advocate for the United States to adopt the British rule of; No red carpet -No paparazzi. There would be no more Kate Moss like episodes. No children hating someone following them and their famous parents and taking picture after picture; as if the camera man were in a zoo taking photos of unfeeling animals. A camera should not give a man license to invade a celebrity’s privacy. But it does.
We can change things. When freedom of the press means running away with someone else’ life then it’s at least time that it was slowed down. If you don’t like the system, change it. If you think you can’t, you’re defeated before you start.


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