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3 Responses to Guest Contributors

  1. Shannon says:

    This guy Ken Paulson thinks the paparazzi are just everyday working Joes who should not be interferred with?!!! I know The Tennessean is some kind of literary journal. But honestly, when a guy is so unaware of what’s going on in the world around him, he should be unplugged from his
    intravenous drip of ink and woke up. A swift kick in the a$$ should do it.

  2. Velma Jean Holmes says:

    I see no one is commenting either good or bad. Does that mean they agree with our viewpoint? Or does it mean that they’re not that interested. Given the traffic this site gets that seems unlikely. Or are they lingering over on the old Justice for Kristen site with all of it’s videos, detective work, and side sites. Hmm. Where is Badger and Deneb and Denebblue? Twilighter? vuelentsavior?

    • We certainly are not getting the hits that JFK gets yet. If you want to make a comment to some of them, it might help. They seem to be really invested in Twilighter’s theory–to the point that they are not visiting here.

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