Paparazzi, “You can’t use that though”

Published on Aug 14, 2013 by chickenpoxx

here’s something for everyone to think about;

the tabloids pay ridiculous amount of money for paparazzi pictures. money coming from people buying their magazines and/or sharing their pictures. so basically, if you use the paparazzi’s pictures you’re a part of their paychecks.


this footage is from episode 8#06 of KUWTK. it’s been over a month since i first saw it but i still can’t get this part of the episode out of my head. it’s interesting to see how the paparazzi’s react once the cameras are turned their way and how fast they say that “you can’t do that”. oh, but it’s okay for them to do it?

go on to see how you can take action.

as always, keep a nice tone in the comments. mean/rude/gossipy comments will be deleted and in some cases the user will be blocked.

treat others the way you want to be treated.
make love, not war.


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