Are You a Hummingbird?

Published by @MistyMueller as a Twitlonger July 10, 2013

Yesterday, I saw so many people asking how the paparazzi get away with the things they do. Why don’t they change the laws? Why can’t anyone stop this bullying? Then last night, a friend stopped by and asked if I was still involved with “that paparazzi stuff”. When I said yes, she said “Well, you’re not gonna be able to do anything about it. It’s hopeless” shaking her head. Then I remembered a story that @RKsoulmates913 tweeted yesterday. In this story, there was a raging forest fire, and all the animals stood on the other side of a creek, away from the fire, with devastated looks on their faces. Then a hummingbird swooped down to the creek, filled its tiny mouth with water, flew over the fire and dropped the water on it. When the hummingbird flew back to the creek for another mouthful, a lion asked him “What do you think YOU can do with just that?” The hummingbird replied “I can try.”
At The Plan, we hear we won’t be able to change anything all the time. Every day I hear something like that “You’ll not change anything.” The Plan started out so small, but is growing every day. More and more people are not buying the tabloids, not clicking on tabloid sites, and not looking at paparazzi pictures. And the tabloids are starting to notice. Why do you think they send their minions out to twitter to troll our accounts? Because they like us? No. Because they see we’re growing, people are starting to realize they’ve been lied to all these years. And they’re afraid. Because of The Plan, Paparazzi Reform Initiative, and other groups like us are starting to make a difference. We’re not just that single hummingbird with a beak of water any more. We’re starting to be ALL the animals in the forest helping to put out the fire.
But we can’t stop trying; we have a long, long way to go. If each of you out there just tells a friend, or a neighbor about what the paparazzi and tabloids get away with, it might make that neighbor stop before she puts that ragazine in her grocery cart. If you just retweet some of these articles, and NOT retweet tabloid articles, you stop that tabloid from getting the money from that click or retweet. If you wait for fan sites to post paparazzi pix instead of going to the paparazzi site and click, you give that paparazzi site less money. If your favorite actor isn’t on a red carpet, or on any talk shows, look at the old videos on YouTube, or watch one of their movies. Please don’t look at the paparazzi pictures. The paparazzi make those actors we love lives miserable. Imagine not being able to walk to the store for a candy bar without 47 camera flashes going off in your face, or someone following you everywhere you go. You probably wouldn’t like it. There are so many ways to make a difference, and they’re all so easy.
I’ve seen and heard the argument “Well, they might know what’s really going on”. No. They don’t. Those “sources”? The sources whose name is not shown? That could be anyone – someone on twitter, the paper boy’s step-father, the person they sat next to in third grade. If someone said it, no matter how far removed from the celebrity, tabloids can and do use them as a “source”. If you use Twitter, and read tabloids, you may have seen someone’s @ name. That’s the only time they’ll use a named “source”. And who really knows who that is? It could be a writer for that tabloid! They need a story that day, and can’t come up with any “sources”? Hell yes, they would do that. They’re ruthless, they have absolutely no morals, and go so far against journalism ethics I sent them all copies of it the other day. Here’s the link for the journalism code of ethics if any of you would like to tweet it to any tabloid or paparazzi site
Something else we can do is help the Paparazzi Reform Initiative. They’ve sponsored two bills that are coming up in the California legislature. I won’t go into them in detail here, but one is for celebrity children, making it illegal to publicize any child’s image without their parents permission. How many videos have you watched when you can hear “Stop taking my picture”! That child didn’t ask to be a celebrity, a public figure. That’s their parents’ job, not theirs. The other bill is to beef up the existing stalker laws already in place. This one is a civil matter, making it possible for a celebrity to obtain a restraining order against a paparazzo that follows them constantly. This bill could also help domestic violence victims. They’re going to need us to write or fax some letters to some Cali politicians as it gets closer to the voting date. It may be a little time consuming, but wouldn’t it be worth it to not hear “Stop taking my picture!”? Or having your favorite actor walk outside in the morning for the newspaper and see 7 or 8 paparazzi in front of his house clicking away with their cameras?
There is also a petition from Paparazzi Reform to People magazine, demanding they stop using celebrity children’s pictures. Please sign it, because when it’s time for the Cali legislature to vote on these anti-paparazzi bills, a petition with thousands of signatures might be the deciding factor on whether to vote for or against these laws. There’s only a little over 500 signatures now. It’s simple, and takes very little time. Please sign it. Here’s the link . PRI’s FB page link and their main website link . The new anti-pap bills are on the first page if you’d like to know more about the bills. There is a lot of information on this website. Educate yourselves about the paparazzi. What you read won’t be pleasant, but it needs to be read so you can understand what exactly these animals are capable of.
So instead of bitching about needing change, and why do they look so angry in all the pictures (wouldn’t you if you were stalked 24/7?), do something. What’s it take to click on Retweet? A quarter second? Sign PRI’s petition. That only takes about 3 minutes. What’s 3 minutes if it helps to change the paparazzi laws? Read some of the articles I’ve read about tabloids and what they’re capable of. Hopefully you’ll get as angry as I did and start helping out.
Once again, thanks for reading. And please, help. It doesn’t take much time, and doesn’t cost a dime. But it can make a difference in the quality of life for a celebrity child, or for your favorite actor. Are you going to be a hummingbird and at least try to stop this? Or are you just going to sit there and watch your actors burn? As always, peace out. Misty

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