How Reporters Get Their “Stories”

For those not familiar with Twitter, this was something I posted on TabFreeFriday, a day we Plan supporters use Twitter to try to convince fellow “tweeters” to not click on webloids, read or buy tabloids, and back up our convictions with evidence WHY to not buy into the tabloid culture. If you ARE familiar with Twitter, please join us there.
After seeing @gooser67’s pic with Kristen in front of the Blues City Café, and reading the super-nice things he said in his instagram comments of that pic – “Kristen Stewart was at Blues City Cafe for dinner. She was very nice to the staff. No one got on a bar, we don’t have pool tables, and it is NO ONES business if she was alone or with someone. We treat our celebrities just as we do out customers! With respect… Thanks to Kristen Stewart for coming in to Blues City Cafe.” I got curious. Also posted as a commenter on that same Instagram pic was the now infamous Shrarareh_Drury, the E News “reporter” that reported the story of Rob & Kristen holding hands in Echo Park. When I get curious, I snoop around a bit – so I went to Sharareh_Drury’s TL and saw many tweets to people asking them to follow her so she could DM them. Why would she want to DM them? Well, when I cruised through these people’s TL’s, I saw they all had one thing in common – they had ALL mentioned seeing a celebrity. After seeing a pattern in Sharareh_Drury’s tweets, I wondered about other tabloid writers, so went to ChrisRogers86 and EleHutch, two “reporters” for HollyLies. What do I see on their TL’s? The exact same tweets I’d seen on Sharareh_Drury’s TL. Tweets asking random people to follow them so they could DM them. There were a few tweets to people that didn’t even ask for a follow – they just asked them questions out in the open, for everyone to see. So just a little warning – IF you are ever lucky enough to see a celebrity? Unless you WANT a tabloid writer tweeting you, bugging you for a comment, I wouldn’t tweet it. Don’t ask me how these “writers” found these random people, but they did. And very quickly. Cruise some tabloid writer’s TL’s yourselves if you’re curious – they must all go to the same class in Tabloid Lying 101 – “how to get a comment to twist around into what you want it to say”. If any of these poor people DO contact these “reporters”? I’m pretty sure their comments will be twisted around until if doesn’t resemble anything they originally said. After all, tabloids are famous for that, aren’t they? As always – peace. Misty  Thx.
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