We’re Not Sorry!

Please be aware that the following video contains offensive language and gestures.


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One Response to We’re Not Sorry!

  1. A FAN says:

    A collision appears unavoidable between people of the movie and music industry and members of the paparazzi. More and more the paparazzi are teaming up working together in a concerted effort to track and maneuver their chosen target into a place of their choosing to gang photo the star of their choice.
    If laws are not soon passed that at least confirm no film times or areas a collision of monumental proportions may be imminent. No person should have the right to stalk another for money as is
    the current norm.
    Call me naive.Perhaps I am, But I see a situation developing where the paprazzi feel not just lucky to get the perfect shot, but instead feel entitled to it. Sooner or later someone is going to snap.
    Sane enforceable laws that do apply to movie stars must be enacted. Not because I personally by virtue of looks or fame think they deserve their own laws, But because millions of Americans see the need for these people’s privacy to be protected as much as yours and mine.

    The paparazzi are more and more being viewed as a loud, bullying and intrusive part of society.
    The first death they cause will be the end of their reign.as photographers and newsmen. The whole world of the famous and their fans endure them only on sufferance.Let aggression shift
    that balance slightly and sweeping change will come. The media and the movie industry employ and use these people. They had best police their own business before it becomes a grieving nations business.

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