Okay, everybody, ready to get away from some drama and do something productive to help take down those paparazzi and tabloids? The creators of ALL unnecessary drama?  It’s a definite start, and Sean, founder of The Paparazzi Reform Initiative needs our help. Badly. As some of you know, he and I have been corresponding for quite some time on how we can help each other end this plague of paparazzi madness. And he definitely needs our help right now. In case you hadn’t heard, 2 new anti-paparazzi bills were introduced in the California legislature a while ago. The MPAA (THE top studios in Hollywood) are NOT supporting these new anti-paparazzi bills. Why? Because some of those head honcho studios own some tabloids. I’d heard grumblings on twitter that the studios do NOT own tabloids, but that is definitely not true. It is true that American Media owns most PRINT tabloid mags, and some online rags, but what about the tabloid television shows? EXTRA is owned by Warner Brothers, a division of Time Warner. That same group, Time Warner, also owns People magazine. THIS is why the top Hollywood studios won’t get behind the 2 new anti-paparazzi bills. They’d lose too much money. Once again, it’s all about those benjamins. They don’t give two f***s less about their stars, the stars filling their bank accounts. ALL they care about are the benjamins. I’ve aleady gotten most generous offers from a few of you to help with this research, and I’m VERY thankful to you for that. If anyone else wants to pitch in a bit of time on research, please let me know – either through here, or on Twitter. I’m @MistyMueller on there. Please follow me if you don’t already – I’ll be posting things on there, as well as here on PRI’s progress, and any news I hear from Sean. Thanks.
Another thing Sean would like help with is tweeting celebrities to get behind these bills. He’s not sure why, but the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) is not supporting these new bills yet. He THINKS it’s because of something internal going on with them, but he’s not sure yet of the reason. So why couldn’t we all tweet a celeb or 40? Let them know they have a voice in their stalking – what a better way to use that voice? Most celebs have millions of followers – if all their followers wrote the California congress people, don’t you think those voices would count? It’s worth a shot. I know most (alright, all) of us here are sick of the treatment the celebrities tolerate by these vermin. Why not start with laws? Effective laws. One of the bills will protect the children of celebrities, the ones crying “Stop taking my picture”. The other bill puts limits on the stalking of celebrities, following them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, camped out in front of their houses. Wouldn’t it be nice for them to wake up one morning and not see a paparazzo parked in front of their house? Many of the celebrities aren’t aware of the PRI – they’re listening to their agents, managers, publicists, etc. Some might not even know that their own publicists are tipping off the paparazzi of their whereabouts. It’s a shame, but unfortunately true. Isn’t it time we give these people we’re “fans” of back some private, quality life time? I think so. So please, if you’re as tired of seeing your favorite celebrity stalked, harassed, and taunted, PLEASE help the PRI with this. I know Sean would certainly appreciate the help. Following are links to their home page, and also their facebook page. Please read their website – there’s lots of great info there. Feel free to comment on either one. Any questions, just ask. I’m acting as a liaison between The Plan and the PRI, so since Sean’s quite busy, try me first, okay? Thanks! As always, peace out, Misty.
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