This Is How You Can Help–You DON’T Have to Live in California!!!!

To show your support, you must write, fax or call ALL the members of the committee! They do take notice if you contact them! Tell them you encourage them to vote in FAVOR of AB 1256 authored by Assemblyperson Richard Bloom.

Call, write or fax EACH of the members listed below at this address, phone and fax number:

Assembly Judiciary Committee
1020 N Street, Room 104
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax 916.319.2188
Phone 916.319.2334

Committee Members:

Bob Wieckowski (Chair) – Democrat – San Jose/Fremont
Donald P. Wagner (Vice Chair) – Republican – Costa Mesa/Fountain Valley
Luis A. Alejo – Democrat – area just south of San Francisco Bay
Ed Chau – Democrat – Sacramento
Roger Dickinson – Democrat – San Gabriel/Alhambra
Cristina Garcia – Democrat – Commerce/Downey/Montebello/Bellflower
Jeff Gorell – Republican – La Canada/Pasadena
Brian Maienschein – Republican – La Mesa/El Cajon
Al Muratsuchi – Republican – Torrance/Palos Verdes
Mark Stone – Republican – Carmel/Monterey

If you write a letter, include your home or business address so the member knows where you are from, even if you are from outside of California or the United States.

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