Paparazzi, Tabloids and You

My brain went into curious mode this morning (scared yet?) and I wanted to
know if the paparazzi had any ethical issues (alright, funny, not scary) that
they EVER addressed. Ever. So being in low curious gear, I started digging
around a bit. I found lots of UNethical things they seemed proud of, but nothing
on paparazzi ethics. Hmm. What’s that say? Obviously, that they have none,
The only thing I could find that had “paparazzi” and “ethics”, relating to each
other, until I just wrote it, in all of cyberspace, was from
I didn’t find it odd, since I’ve been researching the papz, but thought others
might not know the reasons behind paparazzi behavior, why they pursue this
often dangerous, nasty,low-life type of “work”. Why throw themselves open to
the openly hostile criticism they hear. How can they laugh in those videos
you watch, as they stalk our favorite celebrities? Why, how, and who.
When a person asks a question of, there are usually many more
answers for the questions being asked. Yet for the paparazzi ethics question,
there was only one answer. And it came from Yahoo, the same Yahoo that runs a
gossip website of it’s own.
Yahoo’s answer, on for what ethical issues surround the paparazzi
when taking celeb photos, there was only one answer, and the answer was wrong.
ONE answer out of all that could have answered, and the only answer they received
was that the paparazzi must be aware that not everything was public. Show me
most paparazzi pics taken today, and tell me they’re all public! And that was
the ONLY answer!  Both the question and the answer are 4 years old. Why? Because
the paparazzi observe absolutely zero ethical boundaries – they’re only in
it for the money. The only reason they have for stalking, harassing, vulgarly
taunting, risking privacy lawsuits is that. The almighty benjamin. There must
be some major bucks in it for these guys, right? I mean, have you SEEN some
of the cameras on these guys? Lenses that are longer than my arm, such as the
lens that caught Kate Middleton from a half-mile away, cameras that cost as
much as some cars.
Well, who is paying them all this cash? We are. That’s what it boils down to –
we’re the ones clicking on all those tabloid sites, buying up all those glossy
pretty check-out magazines. The ones with the headlines (and I’ll use a very
old example here) “BOGEY CATCHES BACALL”. Yeah, right. We know they’re fake,
we know they’re stupid, we know they make this crap up, but still, we click,
The tabloids. The pic of Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz many moons ago
brought that proud paparazzi $500,000. For one picture. That’s a lot of lenses
and cameras. ONE tabloid paid that paparazzi that much money for ONE picture.
To me, that’s a lot of green. So no wonder these “paparazzi” risk all of the
above to get that “money shot”. I’ve seen a lot of video since researching
them, and in almost every interview with them, they say they’re just supplying
a demand. As much as it grieves me to say this, they’re right. Where else would
one magazine come up with a half a mil for one picture? They’ve got to be
making money somewhere, right? They are. From us.
I used to be as guilty as the next person of it. All of us were. Some still may
be. I used to click on those bullshit articles all the time. OH NO! ROB &
KRISTEN BROKE UP!!! NO WAY!!!! I was never guilty of buying that stuff at the
grocery store, but I sure clicked the heck out of some websites. I knew what
they were saying was probably nonsense, but did it anyway. We all did. But
what’s a click? It’s just a click – I’m not paying for it! No, but all those
advertisers on that site? They sure the heck are. EVERY CLICK on those sites
brings in money FROM THE ADVERTISERS. Every time someone clicks on Hollywood
Life, Bonnie Fuller and Jay Penske go “Cha-ching” and high-five each other.
They all do. They ALL use lurid little “hooks” to suck people into clicking
on their sites. You’ve seen them. Type in your favorite celebrity into your
search bar, hit go, and watch what pops up. Lurid little “headlines” just
begging you to click, just so you can make sure. You KNOW that person was out
of the country at the time, yet you click anyway. And Bonnie & Jay sit back
with a smile on their face saying, “Cha-ching”.
That’s what this all boils down to. It’s why I’m here anyway. I really didn’t
even think about it, back when I used to click on that bullshit. What kind of
chaos I was contributing to by clicking on that stupid story.
That’s why The Plan was born, basically. For education. For word of mouth. I
don’t want to contribute to the harassment and stalking of my favorite celebs,
and I’m sure you don’t either. I’m sure that ANYONE who is a true fan wouldn’t
wish this treatment on their worst enemy, let alone someone they like!
So please help us get this message out. Tweet this article, or a different one.
Tell some of your friends – hell tell ALL your friends. Post it on a blog,
ANYTHING you can do to help. Your favorite celeb will definitely appreciate
it. Thanks!
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1 Response to Paparazzi, Tabloids and You

  1. Velma Holmes says:

    This is so easily understood. The post is succinct and step by step factual. If we can influence even young people like Nick on Misty Muellers comment section then why won’t so many older people see?

    As far as paparazzi being aware that not everything is public I’ve yet to see any indication of that.
    When they seem willing to stalk even the children of the famous for their photos? If children are not off limits and protected for their innocence what is?

    Commenter 191 from Justice for Kristen’s A Must Read is right. The aims of THE PLAN is important and hopefully will have far reaching affects. This is not about personal opinions. This is about hard truths and what we as citizens are willing to live with while seeing our fellow citizens treated like tourist and carnival sideshow attractions.

    Much as I hate to say it this can only be accomplished by a reexamination of the amendment to Freedom of the Press, the peoples right to know, and the “not as other mortals” ammendment. I do not need to know what my favorite actor had for supper or who they invited to lunch.

    When these laws were written they did not forsee the media in the hands of so few or instagrams and camera cell phones. nor the paparazzi replacing trained and educated photojournalists; and they certainly didn’t forsee street gangs taking the place of those paparazzi: effectively dividing up the turf of the most popular stars nor the public beating in the street over who had the right to film a star.

    It’s a whole different world that we are living in and the Constitution’s language and precepts regarding the Freedom of the Press no longer effectively protect all of the US citizenry. As we have seen countless times in history abuse piles on abuse and if there is not protection for everyone then everyone is at risk.

    And commenter 191 thank you for reminding me what is and is not important in life.

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