Light ’em Up!: Paparazzi Gang Beat Up People for Britney Spears Pictures

Light ’em Up!: Paparazzi Gang Beat Up People for Britney Spears Pictures.

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1 Response to Light ’em Up!: Paparazzi Gang Beat Up People for Britney Spears Pictures

  1. Christopher Dark says:

    X17 and the fight for the photographic rights to Britney Spears

    This may never have happened if movie stars were not seen as easy money and a ready source of income for even streeet gangs. Would there even be an X17 without that little amendment to Freedom of the Press ‘NOT AS OTHER MORTALS.’ This effectively segregated a whole strata of American tax payers. Limiting their recourse to law and protection under the Constitution. Leaving them open to daily harrassment in a world filled with instagrams, cell cameras, paparazzi thugs
    and the media ultimately in the hands of too few. There’s money in the filming of movie stars. Being
    seen as someone’s meal ticket is bad enough. But being told that you have to grin and bear it because yesterday you may have been Mr. Nobody but today you are Mr. SOMEBODY must stink.

    “Henceforth no privacy while in public. You have moved from normal to the seriously surreal all because you are photogenic and got lucky in your chosen profession. Hello good paycheck. Bye, bye, equal protection under the law. No you are not above the law. It’s just somehow you are an
    exception to it. Sorta. In certain cases. For certain purposes. A lawer can explain it to you. You can afford it. And if that don’t work, use that dreamy smile. And no you cannot do anything about the paparazzi unless they hit you. They are your cross to bear. Sort of like Uncle Sam’s law of equation. Smart man OK. A business man. Pretty woman. She’ll marry well. You want to use those smarts and those extravagant good looks to be an actor? Oh, hell no. You’ll have our hearts for supper and our guts for garters. Your tears will unman us and cause our women to faint in the sreeets. God gave you just a little too much therefore we must take something away. You are “not as other mortals,” We must harness or handicap you in some way. Reign you in so to speak. You
    won’t like it but it is for the public good.”

    That may not have been the language used behind the “not as other mortals” amendment to the
    Freedom of the Press but I can guarantee you it WAS the thinking. The time for such old fashioned thinking is long past. Beauty can be had beneath a surgeons knife. Artificial special effects now hold us more in awe than the actors benind them and it is time to give that “amendment” up as a
    bad job that has led to more harm than good in a media saturated world where we believe everything and nothing that is printed now. The press doesn’t print as much news nowas it does sensationalism. Because that’s where the money is. Centered around beautiful, famous, people with barely any rights or recourse to law even in the stalking of their children. Is this what those justices intended? I think not. The US Constitution should be the guidestone of American life, not a means to make a dollar. That is where we are as the paparazzi business and most especially the
    actions of X17 illustrate.

    So say we all? We had better get busy saying something. Because if the nations press is not faithful, true and dependable then we have to depend on ourselves neighbor to neighbor, one human being to another.

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