A Message from Misty

Hi everyone,
Sean Burke of Paparazzi Reform Initiative and I have been in contact via e-mail about the new legislation, which you all know about, and some things most people don’t know about the paparazzi. Rather than print everything, I’ve edited the niceties and portions of another project that isn’t quite ready for everyone to view at this time. We’re waiting for more data from the various Los Angeles police departments before this project will be ready to view, but as soon as that data is received and written up, all of you will be informed, and you can view the results here.To save space and time, I’ve taken the main points from each of our e-mails and combined them. What you will read here are the paparazzi-related portions of each e-mail.
You are spot on with the paparazzi being possibly illegal. There is so much people don’t understand about the paparazzi. Many of them are illegal and they drive cars without plates. It is nearly impossible to find out who they are because if the police come around they disappear. You can’t tackle them, take their finger prints and let them go to ID them. Without license plates, it is impossible to know who these people are. And yes, it is generally illegal to drive without license plates but the law says you can drive without plates for a period when your car is new – they usually drive newer SUVs with no plates.
Various nationalities will work on a certain celebrity. Sounds like whatever videos you are watching has the Spanish-speaking paps on them.
One group of paps are from Brazil. They are in the US to do Brazilian martial arts and freelance as paparazzi. They are not here legally. And since you can’t ID them, it is impossible to impose immigration laws on them. And, if they get in any kind of hot water, they just leave the country. It is like trying to catch a cockroach when the light is turned on – impossible.
Many of the paps also have criminal records.
At one point an LA Gang were being paparazzi because the money was so good. It isn’t uncommon for the paps to get into a fight and tires get slashed when someone steps into the wrong “territory”.
So, you are correct on all you say, and there are laws already on the books to handle the immigration side of the problem, it is just identifying who the paparazzi are in the first place that is extremely difficult.
A key thing we need is to alert the celebrities of the world – especially those with kids and those with paparazzi problems – that we are moving forward with new legislation. One of our twitter followers tweeted directly to a celebrity – Evan Rachel Wood – telling her about us and that she too can have privacy in her life. Evan then followed us and retweeted one of our tweets to her followers. If we could get this to happen with someone with followers in the millions, that would be helpful. If everyone that cared about this issue directly tweeted all the various celebs so hopefully they see it on their twitter feed, we might get some celebrity support on twitter. Not sure how we go about getting others to do this. Any help with this would be appreciated, besides the other things you are doing! (Thank you)
Again, as soon as we receive the data we are waiting for, Sue or I will inform everyone via twitter, and that information will be available here. We would appreciate retweets on all of this information, so more people can be informed on exactly how bad the paparazzi and tabloids are. Thank you all for your help.
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