Are celebs’ kids fair game for paparazzi? –

Are celebs’ kids fair game for paparazzi? –

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One Response to Are celebs’ kids fair game for paparazzi? –

  1. Christopher Dark. says:

    I just read the article Are Celebs’ Kids Fair Game For Paparazzi. That such a question was even asked is an fair estimation of how far Western Civilization has fallen in the last fifty years. Of all the commenters on USATODAY .com only Lori Manning seemed to get it. Because she is right such a question should not even be up for debate. Children should be protected first and foremost. And always.
    Filming stars who have chosen the entertainment business as their profession is one thing.
    Harassing and intimidating their children is another and should not even be up for discussion. The United States Constitution has long been sacrosanct to me, But lately if I could go back in time I would absolutely protest the amendment that gives paparazzi such leaway into people’s life.
    This is nothing short of invasion of privacy.
    A famous person at a night club is one thing. Their child filmed by absolute strangers as they are dropped off at school or elsewhere is another. If people cannot see the difference then they are willfully blind to the potential harm to such a child. Who is to say that every man carying a camera is a true paparazzi? And that some are no more than fame happy pedophiles? No one likes to consider such a possibility. That does not mean that it does not exist.
    Why are crowds of stranger men even permitted on or near public or private school grounds? This should be against the law. Any photo that is not approved by the parent or guardian should be a
    useless waste of time with no market in the US. Children’s photos taken without permission should be blurred as a matter of course. No child should be any photographer’s meal ticket. If we as a nation cannot see and remedy such a thing then we are worse than paparazzi. Too inured to wrong
    to even see a child’s pain and too lazy to do anything about it.
    That amendment was put into the Constitution and it can be amended until we get it right. Otherwise a whole section of tax paying Americans are left with less protection under that document than others. I have no idea what the justices intended who allowed this amendment to be so loosely interpreted and included. But I do not see it as in keeping with the rest of the
    rights. Because it lierally leaves many Americans with little effective recourse to law. And if we are not all equal under under the Constitution then some people’s rights are being ignored.
    This amendment created the atmosphere that the paparazzi thrive in, therefore the least it can do is also leave room for it to be policed. If they find that unpalatable then the whole amendment is equally unpalatable and needs new language and giudelines as law.

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