The Paparazzi Reform Initiative and THE PLAN Join Forces!!!

This is The Paparazzi Reform Initiative’s Mission Statement:

The PAPARAZZI Reform Initiative was founded in February, 2009, to educate the public on the paparazzi industry, push for new stronger privacy laws and effect reform that restores order to our streets and privacy not only for those in the spotlight, but for everyone.

The intent for this website is to act as a clearinghouse for information regarding the paparazzi:  news stories, video, commentary, an overview of the industry and our progress toward reform.

Ultimately, this Initiative* is part of a much larger issue confronting all Americans in this ever increasing digital age:  personal privacy.  Though this site specifically details the situation facing those with fame and the paparazzi that pursue them, the issues are the same for everyone.  Does a coworker have the right to put your photo on the internet without your permission?  Could they sell your photo to a marketing company in Russia to use in an advertisement without your knowledge or consent?  New digital technology emerges constantly and the laws in this area are undefined.  In the end, we believe all individuals, famous or not, have the right to personal privacy while engaged in non-newsworthy events.

Causing the needed change to this industry and in the broader sphere of personal privacy rights requires like-minded people and groups banding together for a common beneficial purpose. It requires all media to agree to a new CODE OF ETHICS regarding the use of paparazzi-generated photographs. It requires brilliant lawyers finding effective ways to enforce reform. Ultimately, it requires everyone getting educated on the problem and TAKING ACTION.  We at The PAPARAZZI Reform Initiative invite your ideas and help to make reform a reality.

* The definition of “initiative” used here: “a new action or movement, often intended to solve a problem.” – Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

This is THE PLAN’s mission statement:

THE PLAN strives to bring truth to all forms of journalism by calling on media outlets in all categories to be accountable for statements made by unverified sources. We also call on said media outlets to cease their payments for photos provided by so called journalists, paparazzi and by “fans” when said photo is taken of someone who is obviously not aware of or does not desire to be the focus of the photo.  By paying for these photos tabloids have created a situation that is no longer safe for the celebrity, the paparazzi or the people who happen to be around at the time the photograph is being taken.   It is our belief that such photos are an invasion of privacy and the person or persons that are the subject of such photos should be protected by the law.  As a result, we will use all methods of communication available to effectively communicate how tabloid journalism lures in consumers with unverified, sensational and salacious headlines for money.  Additionally, we will work toward changing the laws as they now stand to protect the people affected by material reported by media outlets.

Sound like we have something in common?  We do!!!!!

Let us join together in a COMMON BOND. Fight the hatred and lies of tabs and papz. Truth in journalism.  Respect in journalism.  Respect for people–celebrities AND fans!!!!

Because we are fighting the same battle, we are full heartedly  supporting them in their mission.  Misty is serving as our liaison with the Initiative.  This is a letter she received from Sean Burke recently:

From Sean Burke of the Paparazzi Reform Initiative

received 3/7/2013 8:34 a.m.

Hi Misty,

Thanks for writing. How could you be bugging me? You are pushing forward toward the same end goal as we are. The Paparazzi Reform Initiative is an all encompassing push forward that is here to help and unite all efforts along this line. We welcome your work and would welcome any efforts you put forth to get others to know of what we are doing, the petition we have to People Magazine, our work passing laws, etc. If we can keep united, we can create more power. Next week it will be revealed to the general public that we are working with a California legislator to amend three laws this coming year (in California) that if enacted will help stifle the paparazzi and give greater privacy rights to those hounded by the paps with a direct emphasis on the children of celebrities. We are going to be opposed by some very powerful groups and we will need all the united effort we can get to persuade the law makers in Sacramento that these laws should be passed and are needed. So…I welcome your help rallying people to speak up about these laws as we go forward. I’ll add your email address to the updates I’ll send out.

As for your question, have you checked all the articles we have on our site? I believe I’m also familiar with the article you are referring to. One source you might check is the Beverly Hills Police Department. In 2008 alone they had over 200 paparazzi reported incidents in their city – people or shop owners or celebrities calling in to say there was a paparazzi problem somewhere. You might contact them. Tell them you are doing research on paparazzi related affects on the general public – pedestrians, shop owners, etc. – and you’d like to talk to someone in their department who can help you find reported incidents of paparazzi hurting or jostling or assaulting people. I’m sure it is public information. You can tell them, if you’d like, your working with us – might sound more official. And ultimately, we would welcome an article about what you find that we can post on our blog – with you as the author. That kind of information would also help me when talking to reporters.

I hope this is helpful. The kind of group effort you are creating with others on twitter would be very welcome from us.


Hopefully, we can help each other!  Let us work together toward a common goal!

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