Paparazzi: Taking Over the Media – Yahoo! Voices –

Paparazzi: Taking Over the Media – Yahoo! Voices –

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3 Responses to Paparazzi: Taking Over the Media – Yahoo! Voices –

  1. Beatrice says:

    By God this is crazy. least require truthfulness, honesty, responsibility and research in their work

    • Jean Worley says:

      It’s hard to believe that this is happening in America. These young people have worked hard to achieve their dreams. And they are addressed as if they were prisoners in a concentration camp. Where their is no consequence for what is said to them. As if their rights were taken away with the arrival of fame. That they have to take what is said to them
      and in few if anycases ever recieve justice for the disrespect done them or the lies printed about them. A case of going along to get along. This too is prisoner like treatment. If this is what comes of such freedom of the press then most definetly and as soon as possible the stance of ” not as other mortals” needs to be vacated with all possible speed.

      Tabloids need to begin with and cling to truth in reporting. Disrespectful behavior from paparazzi needs to be treated with the same measures that would be applicable as if they were addressing ordinary tax paying citizens like you or I. More and more paparazzi are behaving like self employed thugs. We use to know what to do with such fellows. Now because they are connected to a popular tabloid or even news outlet they have become even worse and their employers are no better. A thug seated behind a desk or computer is still a thug.

      I am tired of how people in the entertainment business are treated. When those individuals were called by that name, slut. it was because that is how these low men see them. Meat on the hoof. beautiful meat but meat no less and a paycheck if the photo turns out good. Actors, singers and mucisians are no longer at the bottom of the heap in earnings, education or background. Many went to Ivy league colleges but chose acting because they love it. Many come from fairly wealthy families. Many earn millions per film. That they are treated thusly and by people one step up from a vagrant is ridiculous.

      If government does not soon change these discriminatory laws and give actors back the rights they should have had as tax paying citizens all along the American people are going to soon notice the inequalities and misuse of power in the freedom of the press law as it stands and demand change. The time has come. If you love justice, if you are a fan of fair treatment under the law for every American citizen then stop tweeting about how many beers you drank or how mad you are at your team’s loss and pay attention. Make a difference in another person’s life. In America as you want it to be.

      Stop paparazzi and tabloid abuse. Demand truth in reporting and professional courtesy in interaction with all potential photo subjects. And if they don’t want their photo taken, that too should be their right under the law. Restore equality and honor to your fellow man. Just because an actor can cry on demand does nor mean they do not feel the anger and injustice when their nine year old is called a slut. What can they do? As matters stand now, tell their daughter to close her ears and not listen.

    • Christopher Dark says:

      Beatrice you are preaching to the choir and most of the congregation is asleep. It’s as if most thought Tab Free Friday was enough. It’s going to take more energy than has so far been shown to disconnect those well oiled wheels from the tracks that the paparazzi has been running on for fifty years. Tragedy is the only thing that moves so slow a beast as the
      justice system. Even then it has to be the right tragedy. Look how little has changed since the death of Princess Diana and since Swartzeneggar signed the anti paparazzi law holding them responsjble for deaths due to high speed chases. They just got closer and more obnoxious. In my opinion you don’t police a problem that should be illegal to begin with. You legislate it out of existence by making photojournalism classes mandatory. And business as usual without them a thing of the past. Such legislation needs everyone awake to the problem and determined to change it. Even the actors and entertainers this would benifit spend more time on pointless conversation they will forget by nightfall than they do tweeting and retweeting anti paparazzi news. It’s a problem that needs the whole country awake and aware to change things with a vote. is it going to happen? Who knows?
      We can only try.

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