Stars Attack? You Be the Judge!

This video was posted on YouTube on April 1, 2009 by  I believe it was intended to show how “terrible” the stars are and how “horribly” they treat the paparazzi.  I was pleasantly surprised by the comments–they seem to have failed miserably.  The people who commented were, for the most part in favor of the reactions of the celebrities and felt that paparazzi were (among other things) devils, leeches, vampires and pests that need to be eradicated.  It is a rather long video–but I have to tell you, I am on the side of the celebrities.  The most remarkable part of it is, the video was apparently compiled from things that have been happening since 1993.  They have had almost 4 years since this was posted.  How many celebrities have they accosted since 2009?  It is time for it to end!  If you think this isn’t happening….think again!

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