Tab Free Friday, March 8

THE PLAN is going to sponsor a “Tab Free Day” next Friday.  On Friday, March 8, 2013, we are going to ask that everyone avoid visiting ANY tab site, refrain from purchasing any tab publication and abstain from watching any program that is considered  “gossip television” on that day.  The hope is that we can get it to be a weekly event.  “TAB FREE FRIDAY”  Eventually, we may be able to extend it to a week.  Thanks to Ana for coming up with the idea!

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2 Responses to Tab Free Friday, March 8

  1. Ryanne says:

    I have an idea this is going to be harder than we think. I have stopped buying newsstand and over the counter magazines. I have come to despise Just Jared, Perez, and eonline. Especially the last because they run all these contests that give kids the idea that they are helping their star to win in
    whatever contest they have going. Meanwhile they are out and out lying on these same stars that they are supposedly promoting. It’s so frustrating. Children will be children I’m told but in my opinion they have no business reading these sights. Unfortunately at 13 and 14 most don’t listen.

    • There is no doubt we have taken on a gargantuan task! However, if we don’t do it, then who will? We can at least inform people about what is going on–the problem is that we have to get the information out on every social site we can think of. If we only concentrate on one–then we will lose out on informing the people that never go there!

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