I would like to share with you some videos that were found on YouTube.  They are from a documentary that was shown on the BBC back in 2009.  Oddly enough, they were posted by a paparazzi named benbenjilali!  He wrote under Part 1 the following:

The father and son outfit namely ISO images were conned into misrepresenting the london paparazzi. All figures and prices claimed by them are false. Since the broadcast of this program Ryan Essex and Elliott have gone into hiding.

This was also heavily edited to look immoral and cruel towards celebrities. Much of the sequences where swapped over and cut to make things look as bad as possible, example: when the photographer reached for his camera to snap Amy Winehouse while traveling on the dual carriage way…. this actually never happened… he was actually pulling into the McDonalds drive through at around 8MPH, not 70MPH as claimed by the footage. This but to name a few

I had a lengthy conversation with Ryan Essex and his father and they regret agreeing to this and have apologized to all london paparazzi for making us look worse than we already are.

Lily Allen climbing her fence did not sell for £9,000 I have it from Ryan that it was more like £900.

I am almost certain that these will provoke debate and no doubt abuse so please open your eyes before you judge….especially if you have a newspaper, magazine or television around you RIGHT NOW!!!

And before you say how disgusting we are I’d like to say that the london paparazzi are made up of some of the nicest people, people who have served for england, people who have saved peoples lives by dragging them out of burning cars, devoted fathers and husbands, charity workers and general nice guys.

It is mearly a machine that YOU are part of



Now that he has had his say, watch the videos and YOU make a decision:

Bentherules.com has worked closely with the worlds media imaging market, delivering images to companies such as The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, The Star, Gaurdian, New York Times  and all leading UK and overseas publications. Not to mention fashion labels such as Gucci and Hugo Boss.~~benbenjilali

Personally, I don’t feel sorry for the paparazzi in the videos above, but I will leave you to make your own decision.  But, just remember–paparazzi in London were the ones that were following Princess Diana when she was killed, they were the ones that were taken to task in the courts recently and the English are considered generally more genteel than Americans.  So, if this is an example of “polite” paparazzi, how do you think the ones in America behave?

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  2. Velma Jean Holmes. says:

    Paparazzi are the scum of theearth. If a celebritys job is to be photographed, then it’s only fair that the people taking the pictures also have a job and call it what it is parasite of the modern technoloogical age and SCUM OF THE EARTH. That way there’s enough bull sh*t or glory to go around…. depending on how you look at it.Let;s get that straight up front.Paps have no shame. To
    them it’s the celebrity’s job to stand still and be photographed. He doesn’t see his subjects as people at all. Just and endless stream of film opportunities.
    They have no boundaries, no hard and fast rules that they live by. They live for the next photograph and nothing is sacred. They will infiltate every strata of your daily life if you are famous,
    tipping or paying hotel maids, parking valets or whoever can help them get the photo or the dirt on their perspective victim.
    I think it’s time everybody stopped shilly=shallying around and admit that they see themselves as some type of old west outlaw when the truth is they’re a bunch of cockroaches who learned to operate a camera.
    If I were a celebrityI would be like Sean Penn one of my personal heroes, because he was willing to go to jail for a month rather than be emasculated by the jerks camera and likely his remarks in front of Maddona, Sean’s then young wife who if memory serves was newly pregnant,

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