twitition – Ban the Twitter account @PerezHilton for hate and defamation.

stop hate

twitition – Ban the Twitter account @PerezHilton for hate and defamation..

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7 Responses to twitition – Ban the Twitter account @PerezHilton for hate and defamation.

  1. Christopher Dark says:

    Perez Hilton may have some fine qualities. I’m sure his family could tell you what they are. Because they totally escape me. As far as I can see he’s a no taleant hack who’s mini tabloid brings him into shooting range of the rich and famous. He’s a bully and a hatemongerer. The only way to shut him down is to stop visiting his tabloid. A few weeks of that and he’ll get the idea. Then if he can’t personally bring himself to report the truth, he’ll hire someone to do it for him.

    • Shannon says:

      You know I hate to say this, because it sounds like I’m takong up for him which I’m not; but I think Perez Hilton thinks he’s being funny. Or maybe it’s his idea of cool to dis the stars. I don’t think he has any idea what a creep he is. Or maybe I’m wrong and he is totally self aware and is still comfortable walking around in his skin. Whatever the truth may be his hate site needs to be shut down. I believe in free interptize and freedom of the press. I do not believe a tabloid should be used as a personal platform for launching attacks at private citicens and every female lucky enough
      to catch the attention of someone that he admires. His comments are barbed and skewed and he likes leading the pack of haters on his own website. He’s having just a little too much fun being the monster at the ball. I say if we can we should shut his mysoginistic site down until he sees the error of his way.

      • facets says:

        Ah my favorite guy to dislike. Banning him from twiitter is nuisance value to him I say he needs a good swift kick in the keister for every person that he has bullied. It might wake him up to the feelings and rights of others. But I wouldn’t count on it. I remember his anti bully speech of months ago when he promised to change his ways. He was laughing his a$$ off at us even as he was making it, This man is a pathological liar and a sadist. He likes inflicting pain and watching the fans on his site react. Who knows what he might have turned out to be had he not had that website as a surrogate victim. If people have any sense they will avoid his site like the plague/ Since most people like Shannon give him the benefit of the doubt for every fan he loses he gains another. He’s a lost cause.
        And too well entrenched.he;s an extraordinary SOB who has to be heard to be believed. If he’s your cup of tea you’ve definetly got problems too. I read an anagram on twitter it essentially uses the letters TEN COMMANDMENTS to show you that assembled differently they are the words CAN’T MEND MOST MEN, Assembled differently he might
        have used his web site for some good instead of the pompous hate speil that it is.

    • Velma Jean Holmes says:

      Perez is one of the worst offenders along with JustJared and Hollywood Life. Other sites may be the originators of the worst and most offrnsive pieces but Hollywood Life runs it the longest. The fact that it is run by a woman who has been attacking another woman for seven months is deeply offensive to me and shame to Bonnie Fuller. Ban Perez from twitter and boycott the rest. It takes more than shaking your head and sympathizing with
      the people that are attacked. We need to stop paparazzi based yellow journalism in this decade. Now who’s willing to wait seven more years? Because if you are chances are you’ll wait forever and the abuses will only get worse.

      • Jean says:

        Perez gets on my last nerve. He is always so sarcastic and cruel and seems to be having such a good time being that way. He doesn’t even attempt to report without a barb or a bullying attitude. I don’t know what the grounds are for a ban from twitter but if it includes harassment he qualifies. He’s bullied nearly every person he ever wrote about at one time or another.

      • guest says:

        Can someone explain to me why it takes twenty or more tabloids to report the same four or five things, with each adding their private take on what THEY think is going on? Do you
        have any idea how crazy that is? The stars pretty faces are not what keep people checking
        in to these sites. It’s to see how big the lies are today. How plausible or implausible. What the reaction has been overnight. It’s all lies. The stars will never willingly give you information just the has beens and never will be’s and the totally unimportant people like Joe McHale. I think that was the name of the jerk that commented on twitter about Kristen’s injury and her acting skills. It says he’s an actor but obviously a very obcure one which is just how he deserves to stay.
        He needs to show a little respect or keep his mouth shut. If the acting profession could be likened to the inhabitants of a castle then last night the guy who shovels out the stables just threw mud at one of the royal princesses. He may envy a princess, he may hate a princess, but he can’t change her being a princess. And he can’t stop being the fool who shovels out the stables unless he learns enough to remain civil regarding the elite of his world. I’m going to be looking for his name in the future and avoiding it like the plague.

  2. Nick says:

    I think that the name you are tryong to remember is Joel McHale. He was sounding off on twitter about her crutches and her acting ability. And by the way I agree. Kristen is a princess in his world compared to him. Are guys really that jealous and bitchy or did he just join the anti-Krristen mob for fun?

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