A Common Bond

the plan is the key  Let us join together in a COMMON BOND. Fight the hatred and lies of tabs and papz. Truth in journalism.  Respect in journalism.  Respect for people–celebrities AND fans!!!!

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2 Responses to A Common Bond

  1. dawn says:

    Hi, I saw gossip cop listed on your mission statement photo. That was the one site we twilight/rob/Kristen fans thought we could go to to debunk the rumors on the gossip sites. We thought they were there to fight against the gossip sites. they were our safety net and now it turns our they’re one of the bad guys too? We fans really have nothing left. It’s very sad. We’ve been fed nothing but crap and mind games for 5 years. Are we all really horrible people for wanting to check up on two actors that touched our hearts. It may sound creepy but their fans care what happens to them even if we shouldn’t. Bottom line is the lies need to stop.

    • Ryanne says:

      Your bottom line is all you need to concentrate on, Follow the dirctions on this site, Join
      all of the stars on twitter in expressing your dissatisfaction with the tabs and the paparazzi.
      Tabs and paparazzi need a wake up call to the anger of the people at their dirty practices. Why shouldn’t you be one of those helping to give it?

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