Standing in line at the store….

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People waiting in line with shopping baskets at grocery store

I realize that when you are standing in line at a store and the tabs are screaming their headlines at you, they are difficult to ignore.  What you need to remember is that 95% of what is in them is nothing but BS.  When they have no real news (which they have not had in quite a while) they make up stories to get your attention!  Made up stories are fiction.  They are lies!  You can’t believe ANYTHING you see in a tabloid magazine or on a tabloid site.  Gossip sites are exactly that!  Gossip!  That is probably the only truth on their site!   They have NO sources.  They have NO reliable information!  Anytime you see a story and then you see that other sites or magazines are carrying the same story, remember…they are basically owned by the same people.  They simply copy stories and recycle them.  There are no original stories out there.  Sometimes they are so lazy, the only thing they change is the title. Why would you spend your hard-earned money on something that you inherently know to be untrue?  When you do, do you know who you are actually hurting?  The very people you want to read about!   So, if you are in line and have nothing else to do, browse their stupid magazines.  And then put them back on the shelf!  For heaven sakes, DON’T buy them!  When you buy them, you are empowering them to continue to tell lies;  to pay papz to invade the privacy of celebrities; and you are making money for them (the tabs)!  The same thing is true when you go to their sites.  They make money every time someone visits their site.  DON’T GO!  You are wasting your time.  Basically everything there is a lie!  The ONLY thing you can believe is when you see it via video and the information is coming out of the celebrity’s mouth.  STRAIGHT from the source!  And even then, it may not be the truth (for instance, Rob likes to tell them stories just to see if he can get them to print it!—very funny Rob!  J).  Do you think anyone else does that?  I don’t know.  But, I sure wouldn’t be surprised!

Join “The Plan”!  We are fighting for truth in journalism!  We want the papz to be brought under control!  If you have a celebrity that you love and support—how can you NOT be for #theplan?  #the plan is bigger than Kristen, it is bigger than Rob, it is bigger than any of your petty feelings about who you do or don’t support or whether or not you agree with theories!  It is about both of them AND it is for all the other celebrities that are out there being lied about and being followed by those scumbag paparazzi!  If you don’t want to get involved, the person who you are hurting is the celebrity that you most admire—no matter who they are, because they are ALL plagued by the same vermin.

Think about it!  Join #theplan .

Join now!

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